Say hello to movers.

Access the 39 million Americans who move annually with Imagitas marketing products. Our strategic partnership with the United States Postal Service® means it’s the only way to get your brand in the hands of confirmed movers.

Why movers?

One in 5 American households moves every year. Moving is the largest lifestage event—10 times the yearly number of first babies, weddings and students starting college.


billion annual spending


average spend per moving household

< 4 weeks

after a move is when most purchase decisions are made


higher purchase rate during move


communication open rate


basket size of non-movers


more likely to try a new brand


likelihood of repeat business

Reach your target audience.

Timing is everything. Our direct mail and digital products reach movers at critical touch points during the move with better than 90% open rates.

USPS Mover's Guide

Timing: 1-4 weeks pre-move

Scale: 24.3MM

  • Appear alongside the USPS change of address form
  • Boost brand loyalty during early move spend
  • Adjust messaging based on geographical criteria
  • Increase brand exposure through premium placement

USPS Mover Advantage

Timing: 1-2 weeks pre-move

Scale: 14.5MM

  • Get exposure to movers in the online change of address
  • Choose premium placement so your brand stands apart
  • Optimize, test and perform ad versioning
  • Customize ad versions based on audience
  • Make redemption a breeze with print, email and mobile coupon delivery

USPS Move Validation Letter

Timing: 1 week pre-move

Scale: 34.4MM

  • Advertise in the official change of address validation
  • Capture more of the substantial pre-move hyperspend
  • Drive response through custom ad formats
  • Optimize to increase redemption

My Move Mover Spotlight

Timing: Pre- and post-move

Scale: 8MM+

  • Cookie confirmed movers who visit and import data directly into your DMP
  • See higher conversion rates when you customize site experience, customer communications and display campaigns for your mover audience

USPS Welcome Kit

Timing: 2-5 days post-move

Scale: 23.7MM

  • Be part of the official mailing confirming new address
  • See the most impressive open rates
  • Stand out from competitors at a crucial time when most purchases take place
  • Target messaging based on geographical area
  • Send movers to a store near them with retail locator features

My Move Mover Access

Timing: Post-move

Scale: 8MM+

  • Get mover leads in real time
  • Make remarketing easier and more targeted
  • Customize email campaigns with relevant, timely offers
  • Increase customer conversion and lifetime value with ongoing communications

Our Services

In-house services ensure your mover marketing campaign gets results.


Our experts have amassed twenty years’ proprietary research on mover spending habits, online usage and psychological concerns related to the move. They know movers better than anyone.


The analytics team develops custom test plans, recommends offer strategies, provides market segmentation views, evaluates performance and tracks competitive activity on an ongoing basis.


From color palette to calls-to-action, our creatives know how to engage the mover audience. Services include creative strategy and ad design, messaging and optimization.


We’ll help you utilize new mobile shopping tools like iPhone Passbook and Google Wallet. Your offer needs to function in the manner your customers prefer to shop.


Harness our innovative location intelligence software for a better understanding of mover habits and interactions. Predict mover behavior and manage cross-channel mover communications.

About Us

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Imagitas, owned by Red Ventures, helps the United States Postal Service produce, distribute and facilitate the official change of address. We also help consumers save money when they move. Our suite of direct mail and digital products makes it easy for marketers to send relevant offers to this valuable audience of moving consumers.

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